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Sunday, February 13, 2011

How to Save a Life

I've literally just been getting passed around at the zoo like I'm some kind of weird disease, but it's been good to get experience everywhere.

A couple weeks ago, it was elephant, where I got to see everything instead of just how they put them out on exhibit.  This week, Health Center.  So really, just a whole bunch of birds, some itty bitty tortoises, the tamanduas, and preparing the medication.  Preparing the medication was actually the best part I think.  It was pretty interesting to see all the different stuff that they have to give the animals.

Also, today was Valentine's Day at the zoo, so we went out and watched Baheem the tiger attack a pinata that we put up in the tree, which was pretty funny.  He ripped the unicorn's head off to get to the chicken that was put inside, so that might have traumatized some children.  It was awesome to see him hunt it down out of the tree though.


The last two nights I've seen Snoop Dogg in concert, and Just Go With It.  Snoop Dogg was actually pretty awesome, even though that's not really my type of music.....  Just go with it was hilarious.  But that's probably because I love Adam Sandler and Dan Patrick and Brooklyn Decker.

Drive until you lose the road, or break with the ones you've followed

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