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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kings and Queens

Another week, another completely different zoo experience...I'm really starting to like this semester

Today, I helped with the other half of South America plus Tiger.  So we started off with tiger, it was nice to see Baheem again.  Then went over and did the flight connection, gibbons, caiman, otters, and jaguars.  Pretty sweet to see the Jags up close in the night house.  And the birds in the flight connection are way better than the other aviary and the bird run.  The otters were as funny as you would imagine, so spastic, but so eager to get their food and be able to go out into the yard when we were done cleaning it.  The best part was that none of the animals seem to poop that much, so there wasn't too much rake and shovel action today.

We also got to witness some random guy hop the construction fence of the new elephant exhibit just so he could use the bathroom because "there are no other ones in the park"....except that there's another one like 50 yards away, and not behind a giant fence.  That was pretty entertaining to watch one of the other keepers go out there and start yelling at him for hopping the fence.  Definitely one of the weirder things that's happened while I've been there.

Into your eyes, hopeless and taken, we stole our new lives, through blood and pain in defense of our dreams

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