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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Walking in a winter wonderland

First and probably only blog from Flagstaff. It's so cold here. And there's still snow in some roads. I'm glad Tucson doesn't have this problem. It's kind of annoying. So, it's been a really crazy week with finals and driving to Flag and not having anything to do now that I am here, so imma blog a little.

Semester ended up being good, a's in everything except ochem which was a solid 79% B. Still need to do this physics correspondence thing done, but it'll happen. Tests were soooo stressful, but everything turned out to be ok.

5 movies watched this week, all three jurassic parks one night, Funny People, and The U this afternoon (and man do I need to get The Hangover so I can watch it a million times the rest of break). Jurassic park is always awesome, except for the middle one, which is just weird. Funny People was alright, I would've thought it would be better, but Adam Sandler is on the downturn so I guess it's not really surprising. The U though was absolutely incredible. So much that I didn't know about Miami football, and how college football is the way it is now (lame and boring) because of Miami football (exciting and awesome). And how Dennis Erickson went from winning two national titles in Miami to coaching the ASU Scum Devils I will never understand.

College basketball started for real this week. Great matchups all weekend, exciting finishes, it was just awesome. I wish football teams would schedule as tough as some of these basketball teams do. Even though Arizona basketball is faltering, February and March will still be just as great (just not in the Pac-10). Watched the volleyball championship game tonight, it was incredible. So fast paced. I feel that if word started spreading about college volleyball, more and more people would watch it and go to it. So awesome.

Only one week until San Diego!!! Gets more exciting every day

It's more than a feelin :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Walkin on sunshine

Finals are here, Christmas is soon, and bowl trip is right after that. I mostly just wanted to post a new blog so I could put off doing more o chem for now.

I wouldn't say anything too exciting has happened this week. Mostly just happy I don't live in Flagstaff and have to deal with all the snow. Today was 60 here in the great city of Tucson. That's awesome! I wish it was like that every day.

Classes are over, so that's fun. Went to a women's basketball game last night against New Mexico. Let's just say that rooting for New Mexico like Roy did would have definitely been a lot more fun. And just like Andre said during the game, could we seriously not be going to either tourney? Doesn't look great right now....

I'm gonna go back to that endless pit of ochem and ecology notes now, I'll come out tomorrow night, but that's probably it. Hopefully the Icecats keep on their winning ways and crush the 9th ranked Scum Devils tomorrow night. And please let band rehearsal not be freezing cold Monday night and the meeting short enough so I can actually study for a little bit that night for my most important final the next morning....

And Don't it Feel Good?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holiday Road

So, this has been a crazy week. Ups and downs pretty much nonstop. And I have Holiday Road stuck in my head, so that's the title, and it works well for what's coming up this month I guess.

We're going to the Holiday Bowl!! It's really exciting, but if I don't seem too excited about it in person, it's because my best friend in band can't go. It was the only bowl she couldn't go to because she'll be on a trip. It'll still be fun, just not as awesome as it could have been. I'm really excited to go to San Diego for the second time in 5 months, and hopefully we'll get to do some of the fun stuff the team gets to do. Guess I'll find that out tomorrow or next week.

In other football stuff, I can't believe how terrible the BCS is. When will we get a playoff? And matching up TCU and Boise St.? Really? That doesn't give them a shot to prove their conference doesn't deserve to be an automatic qualifier. Just another way to keep the little man down. The NCAA seems to be really good at doing that.

Went to an Icecat game for the first time this year. 8 goals in the first period...yeah. Weber St. was bad. But ASU this weekend should be a lot better.

Percussion ensemble concert last night was awesome. Everything sounded great, except for the very last note haha. It's weird that we knew it wasn't the last time we were playing together as a line, even though maybe some people won't be in San Diego. But that'll just be like any other rehearsal this year. I'll bet the number of times everyone was at the entire rehearsal was probably single digits this year, and that's sort of ridiculous.

I watched Harry Potter and paid attention for the first time ever. I think it was the third one, but I'm not sure. Anyway, it really wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. May have been the company though :) And Rudolph was on earlier this week. Nothing is better than that, except for maybe Christmas Vacation.

This blog stuff is weird. I still don't get it, but I have a month to figure it out before it actually matters I guess.

Holdin on to that feelin

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

First one ever

So, blogger....I'm just trying to see if this is going to work out for what I have to do with the zoo internship I'm starting in January. Maybe this will be awesome, maybe it won't....we'll see :)